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Full of Advertisements

Our free service is full of advertisements that can slow down your  experience of identifying relevant grant information.

Free Newsletter

Free subscribers receive a free newsletter with general information about grant opportunities and lots of advertisements.

No Early Grant Information

No Grants Database

Search is not allowed

No Calendar

Limited Deadline-Free Grants

Free subscribers will get information about deadline-free grants randomly and they will not access a separate page on it.

No Grants Map

No Sample Proposals

No Ebooks

No Training Videos

No Customer Care

Free subscribers will not receive any email responses for their questions.

No Additional Features

* The above pricing is recommended for a Single-User membership access. If you are looking for Multi-User enhanced membership access, click here for bulk discounts for your organization.


Will our NGO get grants after signing up for the fundsforNGOs Premium Membership?

No. Your NGO will not get grants after signing up for the fundsforNGOs Premium Membership. 

The purpose of this membership service is to provide information resources on how to find grants and donors and how to apply for funding. You will learn about what type of grants you can apply and how to submit your proposals to different donor agencies. It will help you get closer to the process of successful fundraising.

The membership is not your final solution. You need to use this information to work towards raising funds on your own using the tools and resources we provide. We do not assist you in contacting donors or write proposals on your behalf.

Successful fundraising is influenced by dozens of factors and we cannot guarantee that you will get the grants by joining this membership because many of these factors are beyond anyone's control.

However, in our experience, fundsforNGOs Premium Membership has previously helped organizations equip themselves better for grant applications and successfully raise funds.

Is it necessary to sign up for this membership to apply for grants?

No. This membership is not necessary to apply for grants anywhere in the world. We are not affiliated to any donor agency. This is an independent service providing tools and resources on donors and grants for NGOs so that you can quickly find the information you need to improve your fundraising work.

I am unable to afford this service? Can I get it for free?

The Premium Membership service is offered at a highly subsidized rate. If you compare it to the number of advanced features we offer, the amount is quite less. So we are unable to offer it for free or at a reduced price. Besides, we are already running a free service at which has a wealth of fundraising resources built over a 10-year period and continues to remain one of the top websites for NGOs around the world. If you are unable to pay for the membership, we encourage you to subscribe to our free service. 

Why is fundsforNGOs Premium Membership a paid service?

It may sound inappropriate for some NGOs that our Premium Membership is a paid service.

However, fundsforNGOs initially offered a free service (and still continues to do so at for more than a decade during which period we learnt a number of lessons for developing long-term sustainability of our operations.

In these many years, our costs to build a stable platform, maintain expensive servers and continuously carry out research and development work increased substantially. Besides, demands from our loyal subscribers started growing for more advanced information about fundraising.

In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our operations, maintain continuity of our free service and provide advanced information on fundraising tools and resources, we developed the fundsforNGOs Premium Membership. As we use expensive IT infrastructure to run this service plus a team of professionals to manage content, it is required for users to pay for it so that we can cover our costs.

However, our free service continues to remain free for all.

What if I am not satisfied with your Premium Service after signing up?

We understand that different organizations may have different needs and we may not be able to satisfy everyone. It is because of this that we are offering a 7-day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with fundsforNGOs Premium Membership during the first 7 days of your sign up, you can inform us here and we will make a full refund with no questions asked. However, please note that only users who make online payment are eligible for a refund. It is not possible for us to issue a refund for those users who pay us via international bank transfer.

I have more questions about the service. Where can I ask?

We have a detailed FAQ section with answers to most of your questions. We request you to visit this link and read more. Alternatively, you can reach us out using the Support button at the bottom of this page or contact us here.