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Fundraising is not just about raising funds, but it is also about improving your overall processes, management, and capacity of your organization. If you have a better system in your organization, donor agencies will take more interest in supporting your work. Our Online Library has a variety of Downloadable Ebooks and Featured Articles covering a range of topics, including fundraising and organizational development.

A massive library of Downloadable Ebooks, covering a range of how-to topics from fundraising, proposal writing, grant listings, donor listings to NGO management.


Only Premium Members can download our rich library of ebooks, which seeks to empower NGOs and individuals with knowledge, skills, and resources for successfully raising funds for their work.


We undertake tremendous research in identifying the interests of our premium members and developing tools and resources and upload them regularly in our online library.


The Downloadable Ebooks cover information about how to write proposals, how to generate budgets, how to build your social media reputation, how to develop your NGO policies, how to organize fundraising strategies, and more.

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How to Write Proposals

In fundraising, writing grant proposals is one of the most daunting tasks. The process demands tremendous research, understanding, and skills to prepare the best application. To help NGOs for this, we develop and publish proposal writing ebooks from time to time so that Premium Members can download them, read them, and receive a better understanding of writing effective funding applications.

How to Fundraise

Whether you are raising funds from large donors or small donors, whether you are planning to develop a separate strategy for mobilizing corporate donors, whether you are seeking to learn the secrets of fundraising or you wish to be a successful fundraiser - our downloadable Ebooks provide all the information you need to research prospective donors and seeking funding from them.

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NGO Management

Fundraising and NGO management go hand in hand. If you have sound practices in place for better governance of your organization, donors all across the world actively seek to partner with you. Effective NGO management contributes towards building the long-term reputation of the organization, and donors find it easy to give funds. Keeping this mind, we publish useful material in the form of ebooks on a topic related to NGO management.