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FREE Webinar on Nov 23, 2023

Register for FREE to attend the Upcoming Webinar on "Strategic Planning: Using past data and insights to inform future fundraising strategies" by Dr. Christopher Johnson at 10:30 am GMT on November 23, 2023! 

FREE E-book on "Small Grants to Bring Bigger Changes"

Know what type of fast, small and flexible grants are currently open in the month of November 2023. The E-book has been developed especially small organizations and individuals to quickly help fundraise their awesome ideas!

FREE E-book on "The Importance of Strategic Planning in Fundraising"

Get to know the importance of Strategic Planning in Fundraising by downloading this exclusive E-book so that you can now plan better for raising funds, developing networking and contributing to organizational growth and development. 

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Attend the FREE Webinar on

"Strategic Planning for Fundraising" 

Using past data and insights to inform future fundraising strategies

November 23, 2023

10:30 AM to 11:30 AM GMT 

  • To provide participants information and knowledge on the essentials of strategic planning for future fundraising strategies.
  • To impart to participants, the use of data insights to guide resource planning and implementation.
  • To enable participants to find practical solutions for capacity building through a definitive strategic model.

Download the Latest Copy of the Ebook Series: "From Pennies to Progress" 

The Series identifies small grants for NGOs and individuals and help them to access them under the right conditions. Anywhere in the world, small grants are accessible through a simple application process. These grants allow more flexibility and openness to experiment with new ideas and build foundations for scalability. They give distinct leverage to small and grassroots organizations and individuals to seek more funds from other sources.

Download the Ebook "The Importance of Strategic Planning in Fundraising"

Strategic fundraising encompasses a wide range of activities, including donor prospecting, cultivation, and stewardship, grant writing, corporate partnerships, events planning, and digital fundraising strategies. All of these activities aim to secure the necessary resources to support the organization's programs and activities.

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FREE Webinar on "Strategic Planning for Fundraising"

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